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Request and collect exhibition files with ease

Start accepting DCPs and other digital file formats electronically for your film festival without the headache of hundreds of different download links.

Forget about hundreds of download links

A single download portal

Retrieving content from filmmaker-supplied download links can be cumbersome. CineSend Request turns things around to let your team download everything from a single portal.

Upload options for filmmakers

Provide flexibility to content providers by allowing them to upload files through their browser, with Aspera connect, or by supplying their own Dropbox or Google Drive links for automatic import.

Track upload status

Keep track of which films have provided content, and monitor “in progress” uploads in real-time. Once a film has been provided, you can close the request to prevent further uploads.

Aspera transfers built-in

IBM's Aspera technology facilitates fast and reliable file transfers and is built right into CineSend. Using Aspera also gives you the control to pause and resume, and ensures that content remains encrypted in transit.

Tools to keep organized

Color code file requests and save notes so that teammates stay on the same page. Optionally sort file requests into different “groups” to separate shorts from features, or however else makes sense for your team.

Dedicated download hardware

Optionally link your account to a CineSend Media Manager. When a content provider uploads a DCP, it will automatically be downloaded and validated. You can also use the hardware to copy DCP content to up to 6 CRU drives at a time.

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