About us

We’re a trusted name in the media and entertainment space

CineSend has become a core tool to Sundance, allowing us to collect films electronically instead of by physical media in the mail.

RBC Wealth Management is constantly on a mission to stand apart from the pack, and CineSend helps us achieve this through video.

CineSend has been an innovative and flexible technology partner that has enabled several successful video initiatives for the airline.

Our mission.

CineSend is on a mission to empower the best global brands to share valuable video with absolute confidence.

Our story.

CineSend was founded in 2016 by Colin Carter, a Canadian filmmaker. Colin had just directed his second independent feature film, and this time experienced firsthand how difficult and expensive it was to get video onto the big screen, even following the global digitization of movie theatre equipment. At the time, it cost a personal fortune (over $25k) to convert and deliver content in the format required by movie theatre projectors, and despite being digital, the process relied on physical hard drives being shipped around the world. To make matters worse, the film was then pirated from a DVD screener (the primary way of sharing films with reviewers and industry members). It was through this experience that Colin realized that technical innovation had stagnated for the “last mile” of content delivery and that this was hurting artists and the film industry as a whole.

CineSend was born to deliver videos in a reliable way over the internet — onto the big screen, into homes, onto employees’ monitors, into customers’ hands. We’re now a trusted name in the media and entertainment space, serving thousands of customers in film and television — from indie producers to major Hollywood studios.

Entertainment is only the beginning. The value of our solution is being discovered across new verticals — education, law, finance, aerospace, SMB and enterprise more broadly.

There’s a reason why we’re trusted by:

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