CineSend Files

The ultra-secure video toolbox

Easily and securely collect, store and share high-value videos and media files.

A single platform for high-value videos

From movie master files and screeners to corporate updates, CineSend prevents leaks and piracy so you can focus on delivering content with unparalleled quality and speed.

Media Conversion

Easily convert between professional formats like ProRes, DCP, MXF, or MP4 with a single click. Adding captions and subtitles is just as easy.

Content Delivery

Send reliable high-speed download links with no file size limits. Set custom expiry rules and track downloads to make sure everything arrives on time.

Cloud Storage

More reliable than physical media, CineSend offers a safe and secure long-term home for your content that's accessible from wherever you are.

Work as a team

Add colleagues to collaborate on projects. Advanced role-based permissions and override rules let you control who has access to what.

Perfect for sharing
secure screeners

Detailed analytics

Monitor the overall performance of your online screeners using aggregated charts, or drill-down to analyze an individual reviewer's activity using heat maps.

Personalized watermarks

Send your screeners using PiracyDetector™, an "active" watermarking technology that monitors the integrity of the mark and prevents unauthorized removal.

Studio-Grade DRM

CineSend screeners are multi-DRM enabled, preventing users across all platforms from downloading and redistributing your content.

Custom Expiration Rules

Specify an expiry date when you send a screener. If your reviewer needs more time, they can request an extension for you to approve or deny. You can also revoke links at any time.

Email or URL Sharing

Send screeners to a reviewer directly by email, or create URLs that you can paste into festival submission platforms or deliver to third parties.

HD Playback

With adaptive bitrate, CineSend delivers the best possible streaming quality to your reviewers without the risk of excessive buffering, on any kind of device.

Learn how CineSend can help you share your video with confidence.

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