The “Fort Knox” of video

Your intellectual property is valuable.

Protect your most important video content with the most advanced security features available today.

Flip the script.

Most online video platforms are designed to help share content widely. CineSend flips this upside down, giving you the tools to share your video with only the viewers you intend.

Control access

Set access control parameters on videos to make sure viewers are unable to re-share.

Prevent leaks

Protect videos with encryption and watermarking technology to thwart thieves.

Prevent re-sharing.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology prevents viewers from downloading or re-sharing your video content. But if your eyes can see something, so can a camera.

Deter screen recording by optionally adding a visible watermarks that is viewer-specific — like a name or email address.

viewer controls.

Restrict how and where viewers can watch your video content. Grant access by requiring viewers to log in, or generate one-time or multi-use links.

Geo-blocking to the country, state, or municipality, viewing time windows, maximum view-counts, link-locking to prevent sharing, and more.


Optionally apply invisible “forensic” watermarking to your videos. Imperceptable to the viewer, forensic marks make it possible to trace leaked content back to the responsible party.

CineSend’s forensic watermarking is powered by Nagra NexGuard, the gold standard in forensic video technology.

Bullet-proof infrastructure.

CineSend is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), benefiting from a foundation of security built right into AWS infrastructure.

All content uploaded to CineSend is encrypted with Amazon S3 AES-256 server-side encryption, keeping it totally secure until you access it.

Independently reviewed.

Don’t just take our word for it. CineSend engages a 100% independent third-party security firm (Independent Security Advisors - ISE) to routinely review and audit our platform.

Your data stays
your data.

We don’t sell or share your data, or the content you upload to CineSend. You retain all rights, always. As an organization, we operate on a “need to know” basis, so unless you ask us to, we’ll never look at the content you upload.

There’s a reason why we’re trusted by:

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