Actionable analytics


Use video analytics to make more informed decisions and ensure you’re delivering an accurate ROI on your video initiatives.

Make more informed decisions.

Detailed viewership data

Every start, stop, or pause is logged so you can get a clear picture of viewer engagement.

Customizable reports

Build and export viewership data in ways that make sense for you and your team.

Actionable insights

Use data to establish ROI on your content, keep viewers engaged, or retarget.

Get to know your audience.

Audience engagement heatmaps show where interest is high and where users drop off.

Use aggregate engagement analytics to learn what’s working and what’s not, so you can double down on the right things.

Get (user) specific.

Drill down to see how individual viewers are consuming and interacting with your content.

Use personal engagement data to understand individual interests, and nurture further engagement or other business outcomes through retargeting.

Build and export
custom reports.

Zoom in on metrics that matter to you and your team with customizable reports and exports.

Generate graphical PDFs, or get the raw data as a CSV for you to analyze in Excel or transfer to other business systems.

Establish ROI.

With user-specific analytics, you can track the entire customer lifecycle.

Calculate the return on investment for your content by measuring and comparing engagement and conversions with dollars spent.

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